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Blackwing Defender (Kane's Mountains #1)(9)
Author: T.S. Joyce

Fuck, Winter was cute. All destroyed-looking like a little lost kitten who’d been through a pit bull fight and survived. Logan was having trouble paying attention to Dark Kane’s speech because she was standing in the doorway, her eyes glowing gold like the fucking sexy big-cat she had tucked away inside of her. He hoped she was a panther, but she would make one helluva lioness, too. That little hiss she’d given him was about the sexiest thing he’d ever heard. Her hair, nipple-length and unbrushed with a few blond highlights grown out by inches, was straight down her shoulders. She was maybe six inches shorter than him, fit but curvy with those big titties that would feel perfect cupped in his hands.

Logan clenched his teeth. He shouldn’t be thinking of her like this. She was a person, and from the ghosts in her eyes, she was going through hell right now. And why else would she be here? Two black-marked dragons heading up a crew? They would only attract the broken. That much was clear from the scent of sickness he smelled on the remaining shifters. No one was going to put up with this much effort to pledge to a crew if they weren’t desperate.

Hell, that’s why he was here.

Winter’s eyes were on him again. Gold as the sun and surrounded by dark lashes, and she had a tiny, slightly crooked nose that said she snarled up one side of her lip too much. She looked tough. A green fitted T-shirt over black skinny jeans all ripped to hell, and black combat boots on her feet with the shoelaces undone. Her outfit was at total odds with the big-ass fancy purse she carried.

Logan canted his head and dragged his attention to those perfect tits she had stuffed into a push-up bra. He was usually really good at assessing someone in a glance. That’s what he’d been trained to do. Winter, however, was an unreadable enigma.

“You got fuck-me eyes, Bear,” Dustin said from beside him. He shoved Logan in the shoulder.

Kill him.

Logan took a careful step away from Dustin. Fuckin’ werewolf was going to rile the monster and end his own life with one more of those stupid touches of his. Wolves were too damn feely for his animal’s taste. If it was up to his inner bear, Logan would eat the entirety of the werewolf race and make the world a better place, but here in the dark dragon’s territory, he had to play nice. Eating the competition would probably be frowned upon by Dark Kane and his sweet mate.

Logan almost snorted. He’d just thought of a dragon shifter as sweet? She’d just blown fire at one of the idiots who charged her mate. She was no pushover, but Logan could just about taste the sweetness wafting from her.

Winter wasn’t so sweet. He bet she could tear him up in the bedroom. He would’ve let her, too, if his bear was okay to sleep with a woman. He wasn’t, though, so Logan was stuck in hell as the eternal masturbator. God, he needed Kane to kill him quickly. Beast smelled sickest of all. He was too damn close and set Logan’s bear on edge. That, and Kane gestured Winter back into the house and out of Logan’s sight. Something about that made him want to pull the same shit that bear had and charge the Blackwing alpha. Kane smelled sick, too. This crew was fucked.

Kill him.

Who? Who the fuck was his bear even telling him to kill now? Just another psychotic day in the life of Logan Furrow.

He missed Winter. Missed staring at her. Missed the push-up bra. Missed smelling her. How long were these interviews supposed to last?

“Dude, stop it,” Dustin said from where he was pissing beside the house. He gave him a narrow-eyed glance over his shoulder as he jiggled piss droplets from his dick. “Cool it with the growling. No one is even standing near you.”

Was he growling? Shit. Beast was staring, his fists clenched and his nose all scrunched up as though he was half shifted already. Logan crossed his arms even tighter over his chest and swallowed the snarl.

Dustin was zipping up his pants now.

“You know there are cameras, right?” Logan pointed to one in the tree and one on the porch.

Dustin shrugged like it made no matter to him. “What’ll Dark Kane see? Me marking my territory, big fuckin’ deal.”

Logan huffed a breath at his stupidity. “Well, good luck not getting eaten,” he muttered as the werewolf passed him by and picked up a discarded application.

“Oh, he won’t eat me. I’m a shoo-in for his crew.”

“Why?” Beast grunted.

“Because,” Dustin said nonchalantly. “I have something the dragon wants.” And with that, he loped over to the log seats again and began filling out his application.

Moron couldn’t have anything Kane wanted. No one did but his mate, Rowan. Anyone with eyes or senses could tell that Kane was a broken but simple man with simple needs. Rowan likely met every one of them, or he wouldn’t be so pissed at having to do interviews in the first place. A crew needed Kane, but he didn’t need a crew.

He’d liked the way Winter hadn’t been able to take her gaze away from him. Liked the way her pupils got all small when she stared. Liked how she made him want to…want to…

Logan frowned. She made him want to do something he hadn’t wanted to do in a long time. Protect someone. Protect her and, in a way, protect that mousy human, Emma, because Winter had been standing protectively in front of her during the fight, like the girl meant something to her. Like she would’ve been hurt if Emma had ended up in the fray.

He should’ve been paying attention and keeping the idiot mob away from Dark Kane, but time after time, he’d looked over at Winter to make sure she was out of the way and safe.

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