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Blackwing Defender (Kane's Mountains #1)(16)
Author: T.S. Joyce

Wait, no.

Winter dropped the phone into her purse and gripped the straps closed to cut off her view of the glowing screen. Was she really that pathetic? Would she really go back to Red Havoc to pick up the scraps of Brody’s leftover affection? Even if he wasn’t happy with the pairing, he was going to have a cub with Lynn.

Winter would be the other woman now. No, this was just like him. He figured out she wasn’t still pining for him and wanted to slither back into her heart so she could never really move on and be happy. She wanted to cry and scream and curse Brody’s name. He’d ruined everything, and now he would make her the other woman? He would shame her even more. He would dissolve the final molecules of her remaining pride. For what? So he could have two females warring for his attention. That had been the game right?

Fighting a sob, she recklessly threw the door open and climbed in. “Take me away,” she whispered, her breath hitching.

“Who was it?” Logan asked in a dead voice as he eased back onto the road.

Winter would rather gnaw off her arm than think about Brody anymore right now. It hurt too much.

“Was it him?” Logan asked louder.

To quiet him, Winter reached over and rested her open palm on his erection, then pressed down gently.

Logan tensed under her with a deep grunt. The steering wheel creaked under his hands. He let off a shallow breath and rolled his hips against her hand. That was all she needed.

He was long and thick, so hard under her touch, and she dragged her hand down the length of him. Logan swallowed hard, legs tensed, jaw clenched, soft growl in his throat that was so fucking sexy Winter got lost to it all.

She dragged her hand back up his dick and under the hem of his shirt until she could feel the warm skin of his rock-hard stomach.

“Fuck, fuck,” Logan panted, chasing her touch with his hips.

He’d lied. He did want her just fine. She could tell by how fast his control slipped with just a touch of her hand. Winter dragged her fingertips up the flexed mounds of his abs, then back down. She hooked her fingers right under the band of his jeans and pushed down until she brushed the swollen head of his cock.

Logan unbuttoned himself, then ripped his zipper downward before he grabbed the wheel with both hands again. And when Winter pushed his jeans and briefs down his hips, he lifted off the seat helpfully. God, he was beautiful. He had that muscular V, sculpted abs, and his dick was a perfect weapon against her defenses. Silken skin, throbbing under her touch already, cock so thick she could barely get her hand all the way around it.

The last wisps of Brody’s betrayal vanished when she took the first long drag of Logan’s shaft. The feral noise he made in his throat was so fucking sexy she couldn’t stop now if she wanted. She had to finish this. Wanted to see his face as he came, wanted to hear his helpless noises, wanted to be the one who made someone lose their mind.

He rolled his hips with her strokes, pushing his dick into the tight hole she made with her fist, his body straining, breath uneven. At a barely-there turnoff, he yanked the truck off the main road and took a dirt track deep into the woods. He was so hard in her hand, so eager, she didn’t expect what happened next. Logan slid his hand down the front of her jeans without warning, and the shock of his hand moving through her wetness was like a hit of a hard drug. She let off a long breath, spread her legs, leaned back, and gave him better access. Logan didn’t play or tease. He went right for her core. He pushed a finger into her once, and on the second stroke, pushed in a second. Winter cried out.

The tires locked up and Logan skidded them to a rocking stop, threw the truck in park with his free hand, ripped off his sunglasses, and then his lips were on hers. It wasn’t a gentle kiss, and there was no romance. This was two people who needed to escape their heads by getting lost in each other’s bodies. His teeth scraped her bottom lip, and she repaid his roughness by biting his lip hard. He snarled and ripped at her pants until they were on the floor. She was whimpering now as she stroked his dick. He was getting close, and his pleasure was urging her own.

He was loud, groaning, cursing with each pull. His lips were everywhere—her mouth, her neck, her shoulder, her claiming mark. He nipped her hard, sucked enough to make bruises, and she fucking loved every second of this.

Winter arched back against the seat to give him a better angle to her neck and he pushed his finger into her again.

“Fuck, I’m gonna come,” he gritted out. “Stop, stop, stop. I’m gonna come everywhere.”

“That’s okay,” she whispered desperately.

“My clothes…I don’t have anything else… Oh, God, Winter, I’m gonna come.”

Winter released him and snarled possessively, clamped her teeth on his neck after he pulled her over the console and onto his lap. She eased up and locked eyes with him. He couldn’t pass for human right now, but she didn’t care. She needed him inside of her. Needed it like she needed air. Gripping his dick to steady him, she slid over him until he was buried deep inside of her.

“I’ll catch it,” she whispered against his lips and then rocked forward.

Logan slammed his head against the seat and rolled his eyes closed as if the pleasure was almost too much. Bright eyes, that snarl, the scent of fur… She should be terrified, but she wasn’t. She was purring louder with each roll of her hips and every bump of her clit.

Logan’s hand was up her shirt now, under her bra, cupping her breast as he worked her neck and hugged her close. He matched her pace, rocking with her, gasping with her, groaning with her. Lost with her.

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