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Queen Alpha (NYC Mecca #2)(3)
Author: Jaymin Eve, Leia Stone

My thoughts were cut off by Kade touching my cheek. I held my breath, barely moving.

“Eyelash,” he murmured in that husky voice. As he pulled back from my face I saw a tiny eyelash clasped between his strong fingers.

“Make a wish.” He lifted it closer to my lips.

There was mirth dancing in his eyes, and I knew he was toying with me. But still … the king of bears made eyelash wishes and tended to roses. Crap. These training sessions were going to be the death of me. Maybe literally. We could not be together, our people would tear us apart, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t appreciating all the sexy that was Kade. I blew on the eyelash, sending it flying away. Kade didn’t move so I cleared my throat and stepped back a pace.

“Let’s do the mecca thing again,” I said, trying to defuse the tension.

Still wearing that slight grin, Kade nodded and stepped back, both of us trying to get distance from the other in hopes that it would smother this burning fire that had started between us.

Yeah, right!

We were down in the basement training center of the royal home, where I had fought Selene for the crown. The wolf council begrudgingly agreed to our training sessions, but only on certain terms, and the king coming to my territory was one of them. He didn’t seem to mind, and most of the time brought only Gerald and another of his guard with him. Today it was Chelle, a female bear, tall and statuesque with golden-colored hair and dark burning eyes. She did not like wolves, that much was clear, and if looks could kill … well, the wolves would be screwed, because the way Chelle was looking at me, Selene would soon be their queen.

Selene! Ugh. No time to think about the spare heir right now. She was evil, and if I died in the first twelve months of my reign, she would step in as queen. If I died after a year, then another Summit would be held, as there were more shifter girls who would be of age. More queen heirs waiting in the wings.

“Focus, Ari.” Kade’s low voice knocked me out of my thoughts and I sucked in a deep breath, calling the mecca forward. It was everywhere, not just in the crystals or the vortex, it was life. I understood that now, I respected that. A flood of power coursed through me as I felt the mecca swelling in my veins to fill the very core of my being.

I’d been meditating a lot, working on centering and focusing my thoughts. This was part of training for all heirs, but now it was even more important.

“Now!” Kade said forcefully. He moved his body slightly, and I knew he was preparing to jump in and shield me if needed.

I aimed the energy at the tier of stacked cans we had in the corner of the room. This time, instead of throwing mecca, I just let it gently trickle out. Controlled it. It took every ounce of my focus to not let the power overwhelm me, but for the first time I seemed to be managing it. Instead of exploding in a mass, the cans tilted slightly, and then the top can toppled over, taking the rest of the stack with it. I gave a small yell of success, and then the headache hit me.

“You’re holding the energy, let it go,” Kade said, stepping into me again, scanning my face.

I couldn’t; the headache had my focus shot and my control was lost. Calling the mecca was much easier than letting it go back. The stabbing pain in my head was increasing and I was seconds from dropping to my knees when Kade placed a hand on the side of my face, covering me from chin to temple. He stroked my forehead a few times and the headache eased, although my brain remained a jumbled mess. To be fair, not all of that could be blamed on the mecca. When Kade was this close to me, all sensible thought took a vacation. God, why was he so attractive? And his scent – smell was everything to shifters, it either dissuaded or attracted us – and Kade’s scent was enough to have my wolf howling silently as need clenched my gut. I had never wanted someone so badly, and I had never wanted someone I couldn’t have.

It caused an ache that I had no idea how to deal with, an ache that was strong and fierce, right in my chest. Why the hell couldn’t I feel like this around any of my wolves? They were beautiful. Deadly. Powerful. But no … had to be a damn bear.

“Want to see something wild?” I blurted out, stepping back. We needed a distraction, the mecca was trying to push our energies together, and neither one of us were fighting very hard.

Kade shook his head as if to clear his thoughts and nodded. “I like wild,” he said, and I could tell from the low timbre of his voice that he wanted to say more but didn’t.

Uh, crap – what was I going to show him? I’d blurted out that last sentence without thought, but … maybe…

“Okay, so you cannot breathe a word of it to your people. Even Gerald.” I would be in deep shit if the council knew what I was about to show him. But with a fae war looming on the horizon I needed another powerful ally, and I trusted Kade. If he wanted me dead he’d had plenty of chances by now.

He nodded, his head tilted in a way that meant he was intrigued. A part of me, which was clearly channeling the wolf council, was asking if I was really going to show the bear king our mecca crystal, the heavily-guarded stone that had been viewed only by a very select number of heirs and rulers.

Only people with royal blood could even get near it, which wouldn’t be a problem for Kade. He was a king, and had an extra affinity for the mecca. And he might just be able to shed some light on the mystery of the crystal. Mostly I wanted to know, if the fae came, could it be used as a weapon?

Together we walked to the outer doors, where my guards stood. Kade’s were across on the other side of the room but they could still hear us.

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