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Magic Bite (Supernatural Bounty Hunter #1)(14)
Author: Leia Stone

I faltered at the door, nearly tripping on my own feet. Did he just proposition me for booty-call sex? Or was I reading too much into it?

I didn’t know what to say, so I just ran out of the room, wondering what the hell I’d gotten myself into this time.

12 Oh Hell

Cass clipped on his black leather, Gucci fanny pack, which meant shit was about to get real. Inside were magical handcuffs, some of Gran’s spells, and probably cigarettes and weird sex devices. His bounty hunter badge was hooked onto the side.

I was tucking my hair into a powder-blue wig. I had over a hundred wigs, although most were in our loft in LA. I usually tried to go in first since Cass was so recognizable, and then I’d flush out the perp for the arrest. The two security guards Brock had sent to babysit me waited dutifully in their car, parked behind my Jeep.

“So I’ve been thinking,” I said, “maybe we move out of the loft and… I dunno, move here. Mack could hook us up with the local hunter force, and we could settle down, grow some roots.”

My bestie raised an eyebrow. “I love you, like I would take a bullet for you love, but I’m not living in that old house with you and a screaming baby.”

I grinned. “Fair enough. I’ll live there alone, and you can get a studio downtown near that fae bar.”

He rubbed his big belly and nodded. “Now that sounds like a plan I can live with.”

Relief poured through me that he was down for the idea. “And I can bring the screaming baby over on the weekends. We can meet for brunch.” I was totally fucking with him on purpose and he knew it.

“Brock’s rich, right? Hire a nanny and meet me for brunch alone.” He handed me two magazines of silver bullets.

I chuckled, while loading one of them into my gun, and shoved the other in my belt. It would take more than silver bullets to take down the siren, but it should slow her down enough for Gran’s spells to work. “All right, what’s our plan?” I asked. “Go in guns blazing, like that one time in San Francisco? Or sneak in the back, and use a finder spell like that time in Santa Barbara?”

Cass rubbed his pink goatee. “We don’t want to piss off the local vampire seethe, especially if you are going to be living here. I say we text Molly, have her ID Calista, and tell us exactly where she is. Then we go in the back, make it quick and painless, and offer the house lord a future favor for crashing the party.”

I nodded. Cass was the diplomatic one. I was well within my right to blow out the front door for harboring a fugitive, but he was right. We didn’t want local enemies.

Whipping out my phone, I texted Molly. It turned out I’d been right. She was a supernatural groupie, and even admitted as much. She was trying to get the vampires to turn her. She’d even asked Brock if he’d make her a werewolf, but he’d just laughed and left the room.

Evie: Don’t give anything away, but do you have eyes on the siren?

Her reply was instant.

Molly: Affirmative.

The use of lingo made me grin, and a thrill went through me that we were finally going to catch this bitch.

Evie: We’re out front. Where is she?

Molly: Back patio, overlooking pool with the head of seethe.

Damn. I’d have to be careful not to injure the seethe lord, and also not to let Calista draw power from the pool water. This might be a tricky takedown, but even though I was super skinny right now, since being injected with Brock’s alpha blood, I felt like I’d drunk three Red Bulls.

I rummaged through my bag, and pulled a couple spells I thought would help in this situation. One was a sunlight spell, in case shit went sideways with the vamps.

After showing Cass the texts, he nodded. “It’s payday, baby.” Sort of. It was either take down Calista, or owe Mack money neither of us had anymore.

I smirked. “Let’s be in and out. Have her on a helicopter in an hour, and wash our hands of this.”

We jumped out of the Jeep, and I pulled my coat over my badge and gun. Cass was a master of illusionary magic, but it would make it easier on him if he had fewer things to hide.

We walked right up to the back fence, where a vamp was keeping guard. He took one look at us and nodded, opening the gate. “Welcome, sir.”

We walked on through, no problem. When we were out of earshot, I leaned into my vertically-challenged friend. “Who did he think we were?”

Cass grinned. “Croft.”

Great. My lawyer wasn’t going to like that very much. I prayed he wasn’t here tonight for real. Though, maybe since he owed Gran, he wouldn’t mind too much.

Cass opened his little hands, and his demon magic crackled to life between his fingers. “Ready?” he asked.

I nodded. “Let’s get her.”

He sprang from the ground and shot into the air, his small wings only able to lift him a few feet off the ground. Still, it was enough to make him a bit higher.

We turned the corner and I spotted Calista in all her siren glory standing near the pool, just as Molly said she’d be. Her green hair, the color of sea foam, hung to her bare waist. She wore what amounted to a bikini top to cover her breasts, and a long flowing skirt with slits down the sides. If I didn’t know better, I’d say she was feminine and beautiful. But I knew the slits in her skirt were so she could run away easily, and her allure was only skin deep.

I pulled my badge in one hand, and my gun in the other. “Calista Pearl, you’re under arrest!” My voice boomed as Cass launched himself at her.

The second she spun around I knew something was wrong. Her eyes blazed a furious ocean blue, and the large and powerful vampire next to her zipped toward me with terrifying speed.

Shit. They’re working together.

Plan B.

I popped off three silver bullets into the vamp’s chest, which slowed him enough for me to move out of the way. Calista threw a tidal wave of water at Cass. The six-foot wave slammed into his little body, knocking him backward with the force of a car. The pool looked half drained, which meant she was pulling power from it.

“Look out!” Molly yelled, and I spun to see the other vamps on the patio gunning for us.

Double shit.

Dropping my badge, I threw the sunlight spell against the ground. The glass vial smashed as a redheaded female vamp slammed into me and threw me backwards. My hand shot out behind me, to catch the brunt of my fall and I felt my wrist snap. Then the rest of my weight fell on my ass as sunlight burst upon the outdoor space. A hundred hisses rang out as pandemonium rained down on the back yard.

Vamps clutched their faces and screamed, running inside for cover. It was 10 P.M. and it looked like mid-afternoon outside.

Thank you, Gran.

Spots from the sudden burst of light still swam in my vision, but I knew I had no time to waste. I’d cleared the yard of vampires, but the siren still needed to be dealt with. Molly was standing there, with her purple hair and wide expression, looking at me in awe. Jumping to my feet I spun around, my gaze tracking the siren as she bolted across the lawn with Cass flying behind her, flinging demon magic at her back.

She was more powerful than I remembered. Had she done something to increase her ability since we’d last met?

I started running, and a quick glance over my shoulder told me Molly was right behind me. Crazy kid, she wasn’t even armed.

Calista was as fast as Cass and I, tearing across the open courtyard lightning-quick in her bare feet. Sirens hated to wear shoes, a telltale sign you were on to one if they were ever in disguise.

Cass threw some crackling demon magic at her retreating form, managing to hit the back of her calf. She yelped, went down to one knee, and I dared to hope we had her.

When she whirled her head around to glare at us, it was clear by her grin that she believed that she had us as well.

Not good.

I faltered for only a second, then continued running toward her. Cass, too, seemed to hesitate at the smug look on her face, but then launched some more sparkling red magic her way.

Reaching Cass’ side, I took sight with my gun, aiming at her thigh. Good thing I’d injured my right wrist when I fell, instead of my lucky left.

As Cass’ balls of glowing red were about to explode into her chest, I pulled the trigger.

But before either of our attacks could hit their mark, Calista rose to a crouch and pushed toward us with both hands. As if the siren controlled air and not water, her gesture halted our attacks mid-air, an inch from her exposed chest.

Cass’ glowing demon magic and my silver bullet floated in front of her bikinied figure, but nothing else happened.

What the hell was this fuckery?

I ran toward the siren at full speed, holstering my gun as I went—bullets weren’t the only thing in my arsenal—twisting the cork from another of Gran’s vials as I went. The spell would suck every drop of moisture from the water creature.

But I never got the chance to use it.

A wall of water appeared seemingly out of nowhere, right before me. Even as I gasped at its approach, I assumed it must be the remnant water of the swimming pool. The water rushed toward me faster than a tsunami, and before I could hurl the spell at her, it engulfed me.

Letting go of Gran’s spell with a pang of regret, it floated off into the water before I’d had the chance to activate it by breaking it open. I brought both hands up and thrashed wildly, trying desperately to swim out of the pocket of water that now completely covered my body.

The problem was, it was no longer a pocket, more like a large ball, and it swallowed me whole, as if I were stuck in some giant invisible glass bowl filled to the brim.

With a desperate thought of the baby I carried inside, and how I’d promised Brock that I’d protect our little parasite, I swam with everything I had. I pursed my lips shut, forcing myself not to gulp for air like my body urged me to with desperation.

I pumped my arms, uncaring that my right wrist throbbed like a motherfucker with every stroke. Kicking my legs better than an Olympic swimmer, but I made no headway. The water moved with me.

Turning in the water, I saw a blurry look of total desperation on Cass. I made out enough to see that he feared Calista was going to kill me.

He tried to circle the ball of water, but every time he moved so did the liquid mass, and so did Calista. I caught sight of Molly, and the terror on her face about broke my damn heart.

No, I’d be damned if a fucking vengeful siren would be the end of me. I hadn’t fought this hard, for this long, to have my life end like this. Not when I had so much hope now.

Where the hell had that thought come from?

I was pretty sure my life was still as screwed up as it’d been before chasing Calista. It must be the lack of air. My brain was probably gasping for oxygen, which meant so was the baby’s.

Rage boiled inside me and I pumped with so much fury that I managed to pop my head above water for a millisecond, just enough to pull in a ragged breath before I was dragged back in by an unseen force.

A shadow crossed my distorted watery world, and I snapped my head around just in time to see Cass pumping his small wings furiously and managing to make it above the water. That would be a record height for him.

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