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Dragon Marked (Supernatural Prison #1)(14)
Author: Jaymin Eve

“Fey have a special affinity for nature and the four elements.” I finished.

Jacob quickly demonstrated his skills by calling – one after another – fire, wind, water and earth. The ground rumbled as he shifted the rock beneath us, thankfully he didn’t feel the need to create a full-blown earthquake. 

I touched the smooth silkiness of his shirt. “The fey are quite alien. Jake’s been domesticated by his brothers and myself, but generally they stick closely to their own kind and spend lots of weird group bonding time in the forest.” Jacob cuffed me gently behind the ear. “You’re dismissed.” I lifted my hand and waved him away. I felt his chest rumble as he moved back to stand behind the couch.

“Ty,” I raised my eyebrows at him. “Front and center.”

I didn’t shift my head, I could smell the magic coating his skin. He’d been casting spells in the forest. “Tyson is a wizard; they’re magic users. Males are wizards, females witches, and if they’re particularly powerful and advance to the next level, they’re known as sorcerer and sorceress.”

Tyson saluted her, his hands touching the brow of his auburn hair. His honeysuckle eyes watching closely, but he didn’t say anything.

“Magic users gather power from nature, from the energy within the Earth. They’re the closest to humans, less ‘supernatural abilities’ than the rest of us. They use words, and spells to direct their energy. And they are scary and sneaky motherfuckers.”

She flinched a little at my cursing. I hid my grin but the Compasses didn’t bother. All four of them cracked dimpled smiles.

“Max,” I said, ignoring them.

The massive vampire stood at my back, his distinct power wrapped around me.

“Maximus is a vampire.”

Mischa’s hands went over her mouth, but instead of the fear I expected there was something else in her gaze. She didn’t smell afraid, she was reeking of … interest. I met Maximus’ eyes and raised my eyebrows at him a few times. He was damn attractive, but poor Mischa had no idea she was letting him and the rest of us know her feelings. I continued speaking, hoping to distract her amorous thoughts.

“Vamps are like the legend, but also not. They’re blood drinkers, but also require food. Sun does not harm them and they have super senses. Speed, sight, taste, touch and smell. They can compel any being weaker – don’t let them lock you in their gaze. If they’re stronger than you, they’ll own your mind.”

I was pretty sure she wasn’t even listening to me, since she was still staring him straight in the eyes, lucky Maximus didn’t take advantage. Braxton replaced him before I could call for the dragon.

“Braxton you might have seen in the town hall. He’s a shifter of the dragon persuasion – which is rare and dominant. There are many different shifter forms. Our family is wolves, second most dominant form, but every group argues about the power ladder.” Lions in particular were real snooty about thinking they were at the top. “Generally, shifter children are the same animal as their parents, but if you have a split mating then the animal can go either way, but never more than one animal. Shifters have earth energy also. We’re strong, heal incredibly fast, can detect truth from lies through the fluctuation of scents and hormones–”

“Can you really only have one shifting form?” Mischa asked. She had scooted forward on the couch.

I blinked a few times at her.

Braxton spoke before I could. “Why do you ask?”

She shook her head. Her hair, which was much longer than mine, fell around her face. “It’s just that I always dreamed about being able to shift.” She looked between all of us. “But in these dreams I wasn’t a wolf … I was a dragon.”

I couldn’t speak, so Braxton answered her. “You can’t have more than one animal, there are no dual shifters, but since you’ve never shifted before … well, maybe you are a dragon.”

Chapter 4

Braxton’s eyes were as wide as mine when he met my gaze; we were almost having a silent communication. Could she be a dragon shifter? I was asking him, knowing that would make Mischa the only known female dragon shifter in existence today. Braxton nodded his reply, his blue eyes reminding me that dragon was an anomaly, a random quirk in DNA or something. It was not passed from parent to child. Braxton’s father was a lion shifter.

I was kind of pissed off. I tried to sort through my feelings, but I couldn’t halt the growling trembles that were racking my chest.

“What does this mean?” Mischa backed up a little, which probably had to do with the fact my lips were half curled into a snarl and my hands were in a clawed position, but I hadn’t shifted them yet.

One of the boys started to explain to her about dragons and their power. Meanwhile, I was trying to contain myself, my wolf, and the demon. Why was I reacting so violently? Did I not like the thought that my sister would be so much more powerful or revered than me? I turned the thought over and over. It might have been a small part of that, but something else was riding my emotions hard. As I met a pair of stunning sky blue eyes, I recognized the origin of my fury. I was jealous – not of her power, but of what a female dragon would mean. Shifters tended to stick with their own for mating and companionship. Every male dragon in the world – who were very few – would want Mischa. Including the man standing before me.

My eyes roved over the hard planes of Braxton’s beautiful face, his bronze skin and hair as black as my own. I couldn’t lose him. Once he was mated, his female would steal him away. We are possessive like that, and none would tolerate our close friendship. Even my sister would have an issue with it. It was our nature.

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