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Dragon Marked (Supernatural Prison #1)(11)
Author: Jaymin Eve

“You’ve had a hard night, Jessa babe, the cake’s yours.” The rest of the tray lowered. “And I’d like all of my body parts to stay attached to me.” He ran a hand over his left ear.

“It was an accident,” I protested. “As if I would on purpose cut your ear off.”

A couple of years ago I’d been giving Tyson a haircut when someone burst into the room and startled me. Let’s just say it’s lucky we heal fast and have regenerative properties. Or he’d have been a little lopsided.

The others divided up the remaining desserts and silence prevailed. I finished mine, one delicious bite after another. I was full, but that didn’t stop my head swinging side to side. Maximus and Braxton inched away, large arms curling around their plates in a protective manner. I huffed, leaning forward on my elbows. Another plate appeared in front of me, the caramel baked pecan pie. My second favorite. Braxton didn’t glance in my direction, but I knew it had come from him. I saw Jacob and Tyson exchange grins, but didn’t even want to know what they were thinking. First nutty bite was almost as good as sex.

Damn, I loved food.

Chapter 3

The food had given me a new burst of energy, but not enough that I wanted to explore the forest. Jacob and Tyson were itching to get out and look for the fey kill spot. Jacob especially was taking this death hard. On top of that, they often searched for the prison. I didn’t really understand why the council continued to deny the men their right to view it. In a few short years they would have the responsibility of its protection. Since the council wouldn’t tell them anything, they were determined to find the prison and test its security. Considering we’d been searching on and off for about six months and hadn’t found anything yet, well, its security seemed pretty good to me.

I stretched out on the couch again. Jacob was still musing about the dead fey.

“I don’t understand why they didn’t announce his name.” He paced the floor. “I hate thinking I might be looking for a friend.”

“Maybe they’ll wait until after their investigation to reveal the identity.”

Fey and demi-fey – faeries – used to be separated from the supernatural, living in an alternate dimension of Earth in an undying land. Something happened to their world a few thousand years ago which resulted in masses of them migrating into the human world. They didn’t speak of the event and it was not safe to ask the elders. Naturally they gravitated toward our communities, fitting into the niche of supernatural creatures, though they were really the most alien, never quite adapting to the human world. The faerie lands were still there, but the assumption was that their fading magic and energy were not a fit for inhabitants any longer. Although some diehards persisted in trying to survive there.

“Do you think the fey was from the hidden faerie lands?” I asked Jacob.

He shrugged, pushing back strands of his white-blond hair. “Hard to know when they haven’t given any idea of who it was.” His green eyes looked reflective, like his body was here but his mind not. “I haven’t heard of anyone coming through the portal in many years.”

I flipped open the footrest so I could stretch out. “Well, you four can go out searching, I’m totally fine right here. I’m gonna nap and watch a movie.” It wasn’t late but I felt like relaxing. I wouldn’t call it moping. Wolves do not mope.

The other three looked at Braxton. “She speaks truth. She’s fine with us heading out to patrol.”

Maximus lifted my chin so he could meet my eyes. “Okay, keep your cell on you and make sure you call us if anyone bothers you.”

I pulled my face free and waved them away. “Guys, I’m fine. Stop worrying like four hulking mothers.”

With laughter and a few elbows they finally tumbled out the door. But not before Maximus waved his phone at me again. Reluctantly, I pulled myself up to search for the cell. I’d left it at their place earlier and had no idea where it had ended up. I wasn’t a big fan of technology, I was an outdoors girl, but I had a phone at the insistence of my father. It took me a while, but eventually I found it wedged behind the sofa. Sliding my finger across the screen I laughed at the first text which flashed at me.

Maximus: When you finally find your phone behind the sofa, let me know you’re all good.

He missed nothing. I quickly text back. I’m fine.

The second text was from my father.

Jonathon: We need to talk and I’d like you to meet Mischa. Find me in the morning, I’ll be in the dining hall for breakfast.

I hesitated over the keypad before replying. See you in the morning.

I wanted to say more, but didn’t trust my emotions right now. I did love my father and he deserved a chance to explain this mess. I hoped he knew better than to invite mother dearest along, otherwise the dining hall would get a front row seat to a bitch fight. And I’d bring more than claws. After making sure it wasn’t on silent, I threw the phone aside again and, reaching over the end of the chair, grabbed the pillow and blanket that was draped across there. The original, and in my opinion best, Transformers movie was playing on the huge flat screen. I snuggled down and enjoyed a few minutes before my lids started to get heavy.

A loud knock rang through the house, startling me from my comfortable slumber. Ignoring it, I squashed my face further into the pillow. Whoever it was could come back later. I wasn’t in the mood to deal with any of the women. But of course the knock continued, over and over until I couldn’t ignore it any longer.

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