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Blackwing Beast (Kane's Mountains #3)(6)
Author: T.S. Joyce

Rumor had it Rowan wouldn’t be able to survive birthing a full-blooded baby dragon. Rumor also had it the dragons were searching for surrogates and possible adoptions. Rowan could survive by raising a little lion cub.

The complication? One badass, murderous, dominant-as-hell alpha lion named Beast. If he was as bad as everyone said, he was more animal than man and would kill another male’s offspring in his territory.

If she was going to stay here and feel out whether Kane’s Mountains would be a good home for her cub, she needed to hide this pregnancy. And beyond that, she needed to chase away the Beast. There was still time since he hadn’t officially registered to the Blackwing Crew.

She had to make sure he would never come back and harm her cub.


Beast pulled his truck to a stop in his side yard and narrowed his eyes at the dunce on his front porch. What the fuck did Dustin want?

It had already been an infinitely long day, Beast was caked in sweat from working at the gem mine Kane had just bought, his muscles ached, his head throbbed, and yeah, his dick was still throbbing, too, because apparently his stupid lion couldn’t let go of the vision of Kiera’s perfect fucking lips and tits. He really liked her purple hair and that cute little nose ring that looked like a tiny piece of glitter in the sun, and aaaah!

He didn’t want to deal with the mouthy wolf right now. He just wanted to drink himself into oblivion and maybe shift later and kill stuff. Dustin would be fun to hunt.

Beast snarled and shoved his truck door open. “I knew you were dumb, wolf,” he murmured, pointing to the No Trespassing sign he’d posted on the fence around his singlewide trailer. “But I didn’t know you were that dumb.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere with me, friend.”

“We’re not friends,” Beast muttered, kicking the gate open. He strode toward his porch. “Fuck off.”

“See, I disagree, on account of you saving my life. Remember? I was being slowly bled to death by three packs.” Dustin held three fingers up like Beast was the dumb one. He wanted to bite off his hand.

“And then here comes my ride-or-die lady and one scary-ass lion to help me out of that little jam. I’m still knockin’ boots with Emma thanks to you.” Dustin stretched his legs out from Beast’s green porch chair, bought on sale for two bucks at the grocery store. Stupid Dustin was going to make it smell like wolf farts. Beast curbed the urge to chuck Dustin, along with the chair, over the fence.

Irritated, he pointed to the black folder on Dustin’s lap, the one the wolf obviously wanted him to notice since he was pelvic thrusting it up in the air. “What’s that?” Beast wanted to sleep for a week, but this was a crew, and apparently he was supposed to make an effort with them.

“What this?” Dustin asked innocently.

Games. Beast rolled his eyes heavenward and yanked open the door of his trailer. “Bye, Dustin.”

But Dustin followed directly, as if he wanted to die today.

Beast rounded on him. “My territory, get out.”

“Kiera is still here.”

Well, that felt like a kick to the gonads. His heart sank to the laminate flooring under his feet. “What?”

“Kane was acting all sketchy, and have you noticed? Logan ain’t around. He’s been MIA for two days.”

“Yeah, well, he has a job now, one that doesn’t include killing people, so fucking good for him.”

“Yeah, he has that one, and the job Kane gave him.”

Beast narrowed his eyes. He thought he was Kane’s right-hand man. Kane always came to him first seeking advice with problems. Why? Because he’d done this alpha shit for ten years and knew how to navigate treacherous waters while the dark dragon was still a new alpha. One who sometimes barely liked his crew. Mostly because of Dustin. “What job?”

“Perhaps you should sit down for this,” Dustin said innocently. He wore a dumb grin as though savoring the stupid secret he was holding.

“Spill it or I’ll kill you,” Beast said nonchalantly as he walked to the fridge and pulled out a beer.

“Empty threats.”

False. Beast really did want to kill Dustin three dozen times a day and sometimes more. Same with Logan. Same with Kane, same with any male in his territory, thanks to his broken lion. Females were the only ones truly safe from him. Kane should probably put him down now. Or maybe Logan would do it since that was his old job—putting down sick shifters. He’d probably enjoy it. He and Logan fought like animals any time they were around each other.

“You get lost in your head a lot for a dude,” Dustin said, twirling the folder on one finger.

Beast glared at the werewolf and chugged his beer. Dustin spoke the truth, but fuck him for pointing it out.

“Logan’s watching Kiera.”

What those three words did to his insides. Beast squeezed the bottle so hard, it shattered in his hands, and a long slice across his palm starting pouring blood. “Shit,” he muttered, wrapping it in a hand towel. Now he was good and pissed, so he wrenched his voice up to yelling. “What do you mean he’s watching her? Not hunting her. Not stalking her. Don’t fucking tell me he’s after a kill. She ain’t a shifter, and fuck him for following her, and fuck Kane for caring.”

“Fuck Kane for caring? You just threw a tantrum because someone else is looking at her.”

“Because I don’t like Logan stalking a woman. He’s a mercenary—”

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