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Blackwing Wolf (Kane's Mountains #2)(15)
Author: T.S. Joyce

“Yeah, probably, since I was dying and all, you judgy judgerton. And you had really cold feet when I spooned you.”

“Wait. You spooned me?”

“Fuck yeah, you were naked.”

“Dammit, Dustin, I was naked because you took my clothes off!”

“See? This angers you for reasons I still don’t understand. The literal worst boyfriend.”

Emma snorted and laughed. “I mean, you’re a werewolf. Do you even pair up?”

“Hell no, not if we can help it.”

“And I’m destined to be a vamp someday. I’m in it for the eternal life.”

“I can give you an excellent experience with my penis, but I cannot grant you eternal life.”

“You drink whisky, I drink tequila...”

“Oh, we have nothing in common.”

Emma shrugged and pitched her voice higher. “So we made out a little…”

Dustin sucked air between his teeth in a hiss. “A lottle, but friends do that sometimes. Right?”

“Well, not like we did, but we can go back. We’ll just make fun of each other like we used to, and I’ll call you names a lot, and you can just keep doing all the annoying shit you do and stop complimenting me.”

“Done. Giving compliments makes my balls shrivel up. Like tonight, your hair?” He shook his head but was cracking an even bigger smile. “Okay, it looks sexy as hell, and I want to play with it, but by play with it, I mean pull it while I’m fucking you senseless, but I swear that’s the last compliment I’ll ever give you again.”

She rolled her eyes to the roof of his car and laughed. “That was a compliment? Okay, last one… You’re a really, really good kisser. I mean…out in the woods today?” She arched her eyebrows at him. “A-game.”

“I know, right? Credit where credit is due, though—I had a really good partner. You have those little blowjob lips that are just so suckable.”

Emma clamped her legs tightly closed because talk like this was getting her revved up again. “Your dick is really big. I know I called it a Vienna sausage before, but you were right. It’s way more than a bratwurst.”

“I thought we weren’t complimenting anymore. Okay, your vagina is probably really big.”

“Nope, that’s horrible. That’s not a compliment at all.”


“Nope. The worst.”

“Okay, officially friend-zoned again. Those fantastic kisses were just some beginner’s luck, so we can do this for a few more days—just hang out, do the friends thing, back off from everyone expecting some big romantic story from us. Maybe if we break up gently, Kane will forget those stupid conditions and let us in anyway.”

“Perfect. That’s the perfect plan.”

Dustin tapped his palm on the steering wheel and nodded once. “I feel much better now.”

“Great, can we go to the bar now?”

“First, I’m going to buy you hamburgers to make your tits grow, like a good friend.”

Emma giggled as he pulled out of the parking lot. She’d missed this easy rapport with Dustin today. The first day she’d come to interview for the crew, she’d liked him the least of them all. He was a mouthy playboy she hadn’t understood, but over the weeks, he’d turned it around and surprised her with his layers. And since she’d tended to his neck injury, he’d turned into this delicious mystery she wanted to unravel slowly.

Dustin pulled them through the drive-through of a fast food burger joint, ordered way too much, then drove ten minutes down winding mountain roads to an empty parking lot.

“We could’ve eaten in the parking lot of the restaurant,” Emma muttered, digging through one of the bags as her stomach growled again.

Dustin swatted her hand and yanked the bag away. “Patience, and besides, you’re a mess when you eat. It’s like watching a vulture feed. You aren’t eating in my car.”

She shoved his arm and swung the door open. “That was rude.”

“That was honest.” He made gulping sounds and a ridiculous eating face.

Emma giggled and shook her head. “Not funny. I’m cute when I eat. No one has ever complained before.”

“Because you lived with blood suckers. They don’t know what dinner manners are. They probably think you’re normal. Grab that, will ya?” He jerked his head at the trunk of the car that he’d popped open.

There was a thick blanket and a pillow in the back.

“Do you sleep in your trunk often?” she asked innocently as she pulled out the blanket.

“Har har, no. I sleep in the back seat when my pack mates are being assholes.” His voice had gone all serious, though.

“You know what I’ve noticed?” she asked as they walked along a winding pathway right beside the river.

“That I’m ruggedly handsome and hilarious and would provide fantastic genetic material for your future children? I mean, I’d make a horrible baby-daddy, but our pups would be cute as fuck.”

“Uh, no, since we literally just had the friend-zone talk. No, you talk louder for me now. Clearer. I still have to read your lips a lot, but when I first met you, I was confused half the time because you murmured and wouldn’t enunciate.”

“Huh.” Dustin cast her a sideways glance, and his eyes reflected unnaturally in the moonlight. “Really? I feel like I’m talking the same as I always do.”

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