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Blackwing Wolf (Kane's Mountains #2)(13)
Author: T.S. Joyce

At the risk of getting embarrassed by her voice when she couldn’t hear like this, she pointed to her hearing aids and sadly shook her head.

He looked confused for a moment, but then drew her hand up to his lips. He kissed her wrist, then mouthed clearly, That’s okay.

Suddenly, he straightened up and looked around the clearing. Easing off her, he froze, a frown darkening his features as he seemed to listen for something.

What? she signed.

Dustin glanced at her, then away again. He grabbed her hand and pulled her from the tree. The sun was farther up in the sky than it should’ve been.

Oh crap, the dragons! She was supposed to kiss Dustin to prove they were together. To save his life! But right now, she and Dustin were the only ones here. How long had they been locked up like that?

She pressed her fingertips against her throbbing lips as he dragged her at a clipped pace toward where Kane had forced Dustin to Change. He skidded to a stop so hard she ran into the back of him.

Confused, she rested her palm on the strong planes of his back and stepped around him. On the ground, there were two blue folders.

She and Dustin cast each other matching baffled shrugs, and then they both picked one up. Inside, there was official registration paperwork for the Blackwing Crew. In a clear sleeve was a black bear paw beer bottle opener, and in the other pocket was a packet about a doublewide trailer, cost and specs, that looked identical to the trailer already in the park.

“It worked,” she said excitedly, hoping it wasn’t too loud.

Dustin was frowning at a handwritten note in his, though.

“What is it?” she asked.

His folder looked identical to hers, but he got a scribbled note? And there was no way that was Rowan’s handwriting. It was too harsh and borderline ugly. Rowan probably dotted her Is with bubble hearts, but this was barely legible.

Dustin shook his head and tossed the folder to the ground. He handed her the note and then ran his hands through his hair. And then he turned and walked down the dirt road toward where he’d parked the car.

Troubled to her marrow, she watched him leave and then read the note silently.


You are invited to join my crew on a few conditions. One, you come clean about why you are really here, and do it quickly before I lose my patience. Two, you will only be able to turn in your registration paperwork to the courthouse and officially become a Blackwing if you secure a claiming mark from Emma. Or you can get married, whatever she wants. You will tether yourself to someone decent before I will let you around my crew or my mate. Three, the singlewide isn’t an option for you. You can get a doublewide and share it with the woman YOU BELONG TO. Have a fucking fantastic day. You were not my choice. Thank Rowan for picking you, and thank Emma while you’re at it for saving you from me. I still want to eat your ashes.

The End of Days.

Kane was pissed if he signed his own hate-letter as The End of Days. The media referred to him like that often, but Emma had seen him get furious when Dustin called him that once.

This sucked. Their little couple plot had worked, but way too well. Marriage? Claiming marks? Living together? That was not at all what they’d bargained for.

This wasn’t a crew invite after all.

Smart and savvy dragon that he was, Dark Kane was calling their bluff.

Chapter Five

When a knock sounded on the door, Emma struggled into her green silk spaghetti-strap shirt as fast as she could. She threw open the door. A tiny twang of disappointment settled in her gut that it was Winter and not Dustin.

“Geez, don’t look so happy to see me,” said the black-haired woman with the laughing, smoky eyes.

“Sorry,” Emma said, adjusting her left hearing aid.

“You ready?”

“I think so. Is this okay to wear tonight? With that jacket?” She pointed to the coat draped on the bed.

“Hell yeah, you look hot.” Winter was good about enunciating in case Emma couldn’t catch all her words. She always had been. The panther shifter was sensitive in ways the boys sometimes weren’t.

“Are you mad at me?” Winter asked.

“What? Of course not.”

“Yeah, but it’s been radio silence since Logan and I got our invites into the crew. Even when I text you, you don’t respond most of the time.”

Now she felt like a real crap friend. Emma hugged Winter’s shoulders and rested her chin on one. “I didn’t know how to feel. You and Logan felt separate from the rest of the D-Team.”

“But now it doesn’t have to be like that. You’re going to be part of the crew too.”

So that’s why Winter had asked her to go out for drinks. Rowan must’ve spilled the beans. “It’s not so simple. There are…conditions.”

“Like what?”

Emma laid back on the bed and heaved a sigh. The ceiling fan swung around in lazy circles above her, slow enough she could track the movement and not get dizzy. “Dustin and I can only be crew if we are a couple.”

Winter laughed really loud and settled on the bed beside her. “You and Dustin?”

“It’s a long story. Everything just got so messed up, and Dustin is my friend, maybe more, I don’t know, but not that much. Not enough to commit to for a place in the crew. I tried to talk to him about it, but he’s freaking out, won’t even talk to me, and I don’t know what to do.”

“I’m sorry, I’m still kind of reeling over the fact you are having boy problems with Dustin.”

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