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Blackwing Wolf (Kane's Mountains #2)(12)
Author: T.S. Joyce

“That was pathetic,” Rowan said. “I saw two parrots kiss better than that before. They were in a pet store that smelled like dog poop. Look around you, supposed love-birds. You’re in the Smoky Mountains, in the prettiest country, under the bluest sky.”

“With two pervy dragons judging our kissing,” Dustin said crossly as he took a step back from Emma like she had cooties.

He was kind of cute when he was all frowny like this. Emma giggled.

“It’s not funny.” But on the last word, Dustin cracked a tiny grin. “Look, I have first-kiss jitters, and it’s not helping you looking at me with your little face all scrunched up like that. You look like a raccoon.”

Emma wanted to swat him. “You aren’t being romantic right now at all. And you were the one who pulled away. Your kiss sucked, but not literally, because that would imply your lips moved. I would rate that like a two and a half. Three, max.”

“Mouthy,” he accused.

She arched her eyebrow pointedly and waited. Dustin grinned at the woods and shook his head like he couldn’t believe he was doing this. But he slid his hand against her waist and locked gazes on her. She liked this much better. His eyes were dancing, and his smile was that genuine one he didn’t give very often.

He twitched his chin up. “Come here,” he murmured in a deep, growly voice.

Chills rippled up her spine at his command. She didn’t like being told what to do in general, but oh, that was a little sexy. Gently, he pulled her to him. And when she was pressed against his body, he lifted his free hand to her neck and ran his thumb against her cheek. “Three max?” he asked.

“Better beat that if you want to live, wolf,” she dared him through a grin.

He released her suddenly. “Nah, I’d rather die than kiss you. You’re gross.”

Emma went to shove him, but he yanked her arms around his waist, and his lips crashed onto hers. He had a hand on the back of her neck, preventing escape in a way that was so fucking sexy she was pretty sure her system was going into shock. And his other hand…well…it was on her left butt cheek. So Dustin. When he squeezed and lifted, she squeaked. He chuckled against her lips. Oh, this was a game then?

She pushed her tongue past his lips and brushed into his mouth. When she bit his bottom lip, Dustin jerked, then froze against her. Aahahahaha, that’s what you get.

Only Dustin had tricks, too. He abandoned his butt-fondle and moved his hand up her back, pressing her against the stone wall of his torso as he pushed his tongue into her mouth, and oh dear goodness what was happening? Her body, the little ho, plastered to him like a strip of wet wallpaper. She slid her arms around the back of his neck like this was real. He angled his head the other direction, and there was that tongue again. Holy hell, Dustin could kiss!

Emma got lost. Time meant nothing, only touch. It had been so long since she’d been able to let go like this. It was just them here in the woods, just them in the whole world as Dustin worked her to a slow inferno. His hands were everywhere, so gentle, exploring her body. His boner pressed hard against her belly but he didn’t push for more. He kept them slow and steady, building her up until her panties were wet. A soft growl hovered just under her hearing, rattling against her boobs like one of those vibrating beds in cheap motels. She smiled against his mouth and sucked on his bottom lip, bit down softly again, and she was pretty sure he moaned. His fingers slid through her hair and he cupped her head as he walked her backward.

She was supposed to be doing something. A chore sat there on the edge of her mind but geez Louise it was hard to care about responsibilities when she was pressed up against a tree by a molten hot sex pot. Dustin a sex pot? Hell yep, this kiss sealed it. He’d been hiding his sex appeal with all his walls and pervy jokes.

Whoa, his lips felt divine against her neck. He sucked hard. Too hard maybe.

“You’re gonna give me a hickey.”

“That’s the damn point,” he rumbled.

Emma giggled and draped her arms languidly over his muscular shoulders. “You’re sexy when you aren’t talking.”

“Thank you. You’re sexy when you don’t look like a raccoon.”

“Fuck you.”

“Okay.” He ground his erection against her pelvis, and she laughed again. Why was she so giddy? She felt like she’d taken three shots of tequila.

He used his teeth just enough on her neck. Then, neck satisfactorily mauled, he kissed up her jaw and gave her lips attention again. She’d never had so much fun making out with someone in her entire life.

Emma sighed happily and ran her hands through his hair, pushing it back from his face. One of her hearing aids cut out, but screw it. She still had the other. The sun was high over Dustin’s shoulder, casting him in a halo of blinding light. His eyes were glowing brightly.

“Pretty eyes,” she murmured.

He brushed his finger under her eye and murmured, “Prettier eyes.”

She practically purred. Dustin sure could compliment when he wanted to.

This time, when he leaned down to kiss her, his lips went gentle against hers, plucking at them with such tenderness Emma got lost with him all over again. He hadn’t shaved this morning and, at some point, his whiskers had turned from tickling to burning. Emma eased back with a smack, then pecked him again, again, and again until he rested his forehead against hers and ran a light touch over her swollen lips.

I’m hurting you, he mouthed. She couldn’t hear him, which meant her other hearing aid had died. Dangit. She wanted to hear his voice when it was all tender like his eyes were right now.

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