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Blackwing Wolf (Kane's Mountains #2)(11)
Author: T.S. Joyce

“Oh, my God.”

Something horrifying was happening to Kane. His skin was cracking like the ground he’d split open, and underneath there were matted, black scales. Black smoke seeped through the splits before they closed again and then opened wider.

“Rowan!” Emma screamed desperately as loud as she could, her voice echoing across the mountains. “Kane, Kane, listen to me.”

The dark dragon didn’t even see her anymore as she waved her arms in front of his face. He was smiling, and his teeth were elongating. When two ominous clicks sounded, the air smelled of smoke. Dustin was going to burn if she didn’t do something.

“He’s mine! Kane!” She turned and ran to the wolf, and threw her arms around his massive neck. “He’s mine, and if you take him from me, I’ll never forgive you. I’ll never be okay. I’ll hate you forever, and I will call on the Four Devils Coven to avenge him. I will bring every news station within five-hundred miles into your mountains, and you will never escape this decision you’re making. Choose differently!” She dragged in a long, shaking breath. “Please,” she begged.

Kane’s glowing green eyes flicked to her and then back to Dustin.

“Kane?” Rowan called from down the road. She was running.

Hurry Rowan!

Under Emma’s embrace, Dustin’s thick neck rattled with a constant threatening growl. His fur was coarse and prickled her face, and she was scared to stand this close to his teeth, but what choice did she have?

All that stood between Dustin and oblivion…was her.

Kane backed up a step, eyes narrowed. “He’s yours?” The dark dragon didn’t sound convinced.

“Yes, yes, all mine.”

“Lie. I can hear it. Why are you lying for him?”

“What’s happening?” Rowan asked, huffing breath.

“Change back!” Kane yelled, his voice cracking through the air like the tail of a whip.

Dustin’s response was immediate. Emma was shoved backward with the powerful force of Dustin’s Change to his human skin. He fell to his knees, and propped himself on one locked arm as he grunted in pain. Every muscle in his body was rigid as if he’d been electrocuted.

“I don’t understand,” Rowan murmured, her blue eyes wide. “Why is he obeying you like that?”

Kane shook his head and paced away, spat onto the ground, and yelled, “Fuck! You want to know why? Because his goddamned animal already thinks I’m his alpha. I’m not, Dustin, you fucking shit. I’m not your alpha.”

“It’s not like I told him to obey,” Dustin yelled. “You think that was enjoyable for me? Fuck, Kane, you forced a Change twice in one minute.” Dustin jammed a finger at Kane who stalked toward Emma. “Get away from her.”

“You don’t get to tell me what to do!”

“Well, you’re worked up, she’s human, and you are too fucking close, Kane. Back. Up.”

Rowan held her hands out like she was settling a startled stallion. “Kane, he’s right.”

“Whose side are you on, Roe?”

“The side that doesn’t get you thrown into shifter prison. Is that Gray Dog? I thought he was dead.”

“He was supposed to be,” Emma rushed out. “Dustin was ordered to kill him, but he stole him instead. To save the dog! He’s not bad.”

Rowan gave them both a deep frown, shifting her gaze from Emma to Dustin and back again. “You said Dustin’s yours?”

Emma nodded so she wouldn’t get caught in a lie again.

“Bullshit,” Kane muttered. “There’s no way these two are a match.”

“That’s horribly judgmental,” Dustin said, standing stiffly. “What? I can’t get a hot babe like Emma?”

Kane flung a hand in the air. “No! Because you say shit like ‘hot babe,’ you make four-hundred dick jokes a day, you’re a psychotic werewolf, and Emma’s too good for you by a lot.”

Dustin’s mouth flopped open. “Well…agreed, but maybe she feels like slumming it, okay?”

“Okay,” Kane said, crossing his arms over his chest. “Then kiss.”

“What?” Dustin said, slowly covering his very bare and swinging dick. “I’m naked. No.”

“You wouldn’t kiss your mate naked?” Rowan asked, sounding more and more confused.

“Whoa there, Cupid,” Dustin said to Rowan. “Emma didn’t say we were a mated pair. Just that…you know…we belong to each other.”

“Also a lie,” Kane said blandly.

“We’re in the beginning stages,” Emma blurted out.

“But he’s yours,” Kane said, his eyes tightening. “You just threw yourself in front of him to save his sorry hide from me, so convince me. Convince me he’s won your devotion because, if so, I’ll believe you that he’s not all bad. Save his life, Emma. Kiss him.”

Balls. She was really going to have to do this. Dustin was extremely naked and looked just as uncomfortable as she felt. This was where their lie was going to become really freaking obvious because she was a terrible actress.

Dustin looked panicked as he glanced at his shredded clothes littering the ground around him, but none of them were big enough to cover his dick. Emma would’ve laughed if this wasn’t so very un-funny.

Slowly, she squared up to him. With both hands covering his nethers, Dustin rolled his eyes heavenward and leaned forward with a pucker. He laid a chaste kiss on her lips and held for a three-count before easing back.

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