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Blackwing Wolf (Kane's Mountains #2)
Author: T.S. Joyce

Chapter One

Dustin Porter didn’t want to do this. In fact, he would rather do literally anything else in the world than sit in the dark woods waiting on his pack to show up. Axton was going to bleed him.

Dustin leaned up against his Nissan GT-R. He’d bought it in all black, because the ladies loved dark and sleek. That, and it matched his wolf. Dustin checked his watch and smoothed his shoulder-length hair out of his face. This was just like his brother to make him wait on his punishment. It was just like when they were kids, and their mom got called into the principal’s office to discuss whatever trouble he and Axton were in. She’d beg Mr. Sheldon not to suspend them again, then jam a finger at them and say, “Just wait until your father hears about this. See you at home, boys.” Ugh, those days sucked balls. It would’ve been easier to get the beating over with, but no, he had to endure the rest of the school day and then sit around waiting for Dad to get home to wallop him.

Axton was just like Dad. That wasn’t a compliment.

The sound of a truck engine rattled the woods and drowned out the gently flowing river in front of Dustin. Already he felt the urge to expose his neck just to save himself from pain. Dustin inhaled deeply and plastered a smile on his face, then turned to greet the bouncing headlights.

Axton angled toward his GT-R but didn’t slow down. Fuck. Dustin put his hands out. “Not the car!” It was the one material possession that meant anything to him.

Axton gunned it, laughing out the window like a psychopath, the dick. Dustin stepped in front of the car and waited for the hit. God, this was going to hurt, but Axton wouldn’t kill him. Probably. Axton slammed on the brakes and skidded to a stop just inches away from Dustin. Dust kicked up in swirls around him. The door to the old truck swung open so hard it banked back, and Axton let off a string of curse words that would curl the hair of their granny wolf.

“Hey, what did the door ever do to you?” Dustin joked.

Axton pinned him against the side of the car and slammed Dustin’s head backward. His brother was the opposite of him. He used to be tall, dark, and handsome where Dustin barely made six foot and was stockier with sandy-blond hair. All the ladies used to drop their panties for Axton, but not anymore. Harper Keller had burned him so badly that one side of his face looked like melted metal. His hair hadn’t grown back either. His eyes glowed silver as though his wolf was already wanting the fight, but that was just Axton now. He’d been a loose cannon before, but now he wasn’t right.

“You had one fuckin’ job to do,” Axton ground out.

“Dude, breath mint.”

“Jokes? Seriously?” Axton yelled. He squeezed his fist around Dustin’s throat, cutting his air off slowly. “I could pop your head from your body right now, and do you know what I would feel? Nothing.”

The threat hurt in ways his soulless brother would never understand.

“All you had to do was get in the crew. That’s it. So imagine my reaction when it’s announced that the Blackwings registered a bear and a panther to the crew, but no fuckin’ wolf.”

Dustin’s vision collapsed inward from the lack of oxygen, but Dustin didn’t dare struggle. This is the way it was with Dad, too. Struggle, and he really would kill him. Wait for him to tire of the abuse, and Axton might let him breathe another day. He hated his brother. But he loved him more than anything. He was his alpha. Maybe he should just provoke Axton this time and end the purgatory.

After Axton released his neck, Dustin doubled over, gasping. Rubbing his throat, he croaked out, “They aren’t done recruiting. I still have time. Look, they wanted a couple, obviously. Rowan could be breeding and vulnerable soon, and it’ll only be the dark dragon protecting the crew. I think they picked a mated pair to recruit because Kane’s looking for protective brawlers who care about breeding, too.”

“What about your fool-proof way in?” Jace, Second of the Valdoro pack, asked in a bored voice from where he leaned on Axton’s truck.

“Look, Dark Kane knows who I am.”

“How do you know?” Axton asked. “And why the fuck didn’t you keep from being made?”

“He knew from the moment I walked into his house, Ax. I could see it in his eyes. Could smell his hatred. It’ll take time to earn his trust. He knows I’m Valdoro pack. I don’t know how he does, but trust me, that dragon has me figured out.”

Axton paced away and yelled “fuck!” into the woods. And then he began talking to himself. Or his wolf? “He’s made. What do we do now? We could go in there hard, bring the medicine to suppress the dragon, keep him chained up and make him tell us everything about Harper’s weaknesses, then kill him. But what if he escapes? What if his mate defends him? We could kill her, too. We’re already going to kill them both, but we need information first. They aren’t our target. The Bloodrunners are. Can’t get close enough to Harper. We keep trying but she’s too wary. She won’t let us near her. Want to hurt her first anyway. Kill her and we’ll be okay again. Take her mountains. It’s my territory. Pack territory. Gotta be careful of her fire. Fire. Fire.” Axton squatted down and gripped the back of his head. “We’ll rip the fire from her belly and kill everything she loves. Hunt like a pack. Work in from the outside. Kill her pets. Learn her weaknesses. Kill the Blackwing Dragons. Kill her crew. Kill her mate. That baby. That dragon baby. That baby.”

Dustin frowned at Jace who was watching Axton’s conversation with himself with as much worry on his face as Dustin felt. Axton smelled sicker than the last time Dustin had seen him.

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