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Dark Surrender (The Dark Ones Saga #3)(9)
Author: Rachel Van Dyken

Alex gripped me hard, his fingers pressing into my skin, and then his teeth tore into part of my wrist.

With a cry, I tried to jerk my hand away, but he was too strong.

He flipped my hand over.

And then quickly snapped his fingers onto the wound.

A small fire started below my wrist.

On the bed.

It was blue.

He cursed again.

While I was mesmerized by the flames that didn’t burn.



London England 1815

“YOU’RE SO PRETTY.” Her fingernails scraped across my naked back while I dressed. “When can I see you again?”

I slept with her because I wanted to — no other reason.

I didn’t love her.

And I sure as hell didn’t like her.

But the invasive heat inside my chest demanded to be let loose, so I slept with her, which wasn’t saying much since I slept with anything and everything that gave me relief from the pain.

God, I just wanted relief.

Once in my life.

And the one woman I wanted to spend that life with — wouldn’t understand, I couldn’t tarnish her with what I was. Though God knew I wanted to, every touch with her was pure torture making it so I had to leave and find my pleasure elsewhere.

There was love.

And there was sex.

This? This was sex.

“I’ll find you.” I said in a haughty tone so she’d know I was dismissing her. “I always do.”

Because I was desperate.

Because I protect those I loved.

Because I was a bastard.

She grinned, her smile once captivating was tired. I’d taken too much of her energy, even now her heart beat slowed, but when you were a human you died.

Cause and effect.

By the looks of her, she wouldn’t last another ten years.

Pity because I’d have to find someone else that tasted like she did, and her taste was rare.

Not as rare as some.

But rare all the same.

My mind flashed back to the woman waiting for me, the one my heart sang for, the only one I desired.


I had to control myself because I’d always had this sickening feeling that if I didn’t — if I hurt her — all would be lost. And not just between us — but the world.

It was insanity.

Complete and utter madness.

I rarely shared my fears with others, least of all her.

And I wouldn’t burden her ever.

It was not hers to carry.

The minute the lingering perfume dissipated, and the sound of her footsteps ended, I collapsed against one of the large chairs in my study and waited for it.

Within minutes, Cassius charged into my room.

“Please, do come in.” I reached for a glass of wine, but it was hit out of my hands by a very pissed off Dark One.

“Do you have ANY idea what we’ve been going through? And you’re here screwing humans? We need help, Alex. We saved you so you could do a job.”

“I just did it.” I forced a smirk I didn’t feel. “Four times.”

“Hell.” Cassius looked ready to toss me into the fire. “The elves are nearly extinct. Their race can only do so much to keep hope alive and here you are, carousing with a human who’s going to die in a few years from an STD she catches by trying to find someone who matches up to you!”

“Ahhh,” I snapped my fingers. “I knew something was weird about her body chemistry but—”

“Alex.” Cassius glared daggers at me. “Get off your ass and protect the last few. It is your job! There are only five women left since the Great War. I swore I’d protect them, and protect them I will.” He stormed off.

And I sat there.

In a trance.

And I had no idea why, why the idea of protecting the innocent made me angry, especially considering what I knew of the elves.

An hour later, I finally grumbled out a curse and walked down to where I knew the defenseless little elves were waiting.

Where she was waiting.

I knew the females would judge me by my indiscretions and for once, I didn’t want to have to deal with it, deal with another woman’s scent on my skin while I made promises I knew I would never be able to keep.

The hotel was new by London standards, hardly big enough to house more than a hundred or so guests.

The door was opened for me by a man in a black hat and white-gloved fingers.

I glided through the open lobby, enjoying the stares of women as they moaned behind their fans.

I passed a gentleman who nearly ran into one of the plants and laughed when the elderly lady walking with him whimpered. It did wonders for my bad mood, it was like marching to my death — if the elves only knew.

They’d probably kill me themselves.

Once I made it to the correct room, I let myself in. And froze.

Blue, shiny blood was everywhere.


Four elves.

Were dead.


“WHY ARE YOU looking at me like that?” I asked, rubbing my wrist with my right hand. My skin felt funny, and I was still hot, so, so hot that I wanted to cry. I would sell my arm for a glass of water.

Elf? Was that some sort of derogatory word? Like an immortal curse word?

Alex’s eyes pierced right through me as if he was staring through my body and glaring at the far cement wall, the faraway look would be creepy if he didn’t look so beautiful while doing it.

I studied his bow-shaped lips, the way they parted just enough to suck in a breath of air. His chest rose and fell in an even cadence, and then his eyes snapped shut. “Cassius, damn you!”

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