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Dark Surrender (The Dark Ones Saga #3)(8)
Author: Rachel Van Dyken


The heat moved.

Alex’s lips curved into a wicked smile as the heat slowly spread down my legs and between my thighs.

I squeezed my legs together with a whimper. “What are you doing?”

“Nothing.” He yawned.

“Y-yes you are!” I accused as the heat began to pulse. “Oh, my—“ I braced my hands against my legs and took a few deep breaths trying my best to push away the heat or at least focus on something else, anything but the fact that he was quite literally giving me an orgasm from across the room.

With nothing but a smirk.

Oh, this was not good.

Not good, not good.

I’d had sex.

It felt nothing like this.

At all.

Not even close.

“Why don’t you come sit?” Alex patted the bed next to him.

I shook my head no.

The heat intensified. “I can do this all day.”

“M-me too.”

He gasped. “How selfish. And when will it be my turn? I do like to keep things fair. Tell you what, I’ll keep track of all sexual favors given just in case you forget. I know how humans can be with numbers.”

“I’d rather you didn’t keep track of those… things.” The heat tugged and pulsed between my legs, until finally, I clenched my teeth together and started walking toward him.

The minute I did, the heat stopped, and I could finally breathe.

“There, was that so hard?” His grin was too beautiful for words. Wisps of white-blond hair fell in perfect waves around his face only to change to a beautiful red the minute I sat down next to him.

“Fun trick.” I crossed my arms to keep myself from shaking and managed to look into his eyes without screaming.

He tilted his head; it was animalistic, calculating, and way too fast, like a blur. My eyes almost didn’t catch the movement until after it was over with. “Which one?”

My cheeks heated with embarrassment. “Please, let me go.”

“Let’s discuss where you would go. I typically can hear thoughts from anyone a few feet from me, but yours are so scattered it gives me a headache. Tell me, where is home?”

“And if I tell you… I can leave?”

“That’s a risk you need to be willing to take, but any option is better than bruising your hands in an effort to escape. Besides, it’s not like I can open the doors.”

Panic surged through me. “But you’re immortal. Of course you can! I’m just not strong enough.”

“Neither am I,” he said in a serious tone, his smile faltering. “At least not yet.”

“You’re just… lying again.” Appalled by the quaver in my voice, I scooted away.

“I wish I were.” His wry smile twisted one side of his lips upward. “Trust me when I say this, neither of us will be leaving… not yet.”

I wasn’t sure if I found it comforting that he couldn’t get out either, that he was just as trapped as I was… or if I was more terrified.

“So…” His hand grazed my left arm, and then as if puzzled he pulled his fingers away and lifted them to his lips, licking them like I was honey and he’d just dipped them into a pot. “Hell.”

I cringed, as insecurity washed over me, right along with a lot of anger that I was still sitting in that stupid room. I was sweaty. It wasn’t like I wasn’t aware of my dirty fingers, or that sweat caked my body, and my hair was probably a mess.

Before I could defend my state of disarray, he touched me again with one finger, licked, and then in a blur of movements pressed me back against the bed, his large frame making even me feel small.

His eyes were a crazed mess of amber and blue, wildly changing from one color to another as his hair stayed the color of fire.

Without warning, his mouth swept down on mine.

I was too shocked to push him away.

Shock was quickly replaced with pleasure.

And the same heat that had been dancing along my legs, invaded my body like I’d just taken a shot of the smoothest whiskey.

He pulled away and cursed.

Leaving my body shaking, pulsing, wanting, and needing more of it.

I lifted my trembling fingers to my mouth while he jerked away from the bed and stomped over to the door.

With a curse, he banged his hands against it.

The door moved, it groaned and grumbled, but it didn’t open.

“Damn it, Cassius! Open the door, NOW!”


The walls shook.

The bed shook.

I shook.

But the door didn’t move.

Alex turned his venomous expression toward me and cursed as ice filled my veins. “You bitch!”

My mouth gaped open. “E-excuse me?” What did I DO?

“What. Did. You. Do?” He repeated back to me like I was dumb. “Well you were born, so there’s the first misfortune. Then again, you wouldn’t even know your own age now, would you? Somewhere between twenty-five and forty? A little fuzzy? Those memories? Damn it!” He kept hitting the door with one hand. “Cassius, I will murder you!”

I frowned.

Could he murder an angel? Or Dark One?

“Cassius!” He roared as the lights flickered around the room then went completely out, blanketing us in darkness.

I shivered, and pulled my knees to my chest, absolutely terrified of what he would do. I didn’t know much about sirens, but I did know that they had very extreme emotions.


Suddenly a hand was on my arm.

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