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Dark Surrender (The Dark Ones Saga #3)(12)
Author: Rachel Van Dyken

“Truthfully, you’re both, but that’s neither here nor there.”

She chewed her lower lip, I focused in on that lip like a starved man, probably because it was painful to breathe, the pain of not touching her was excruciating, unlike anything I’d ever experienced before.

“I can make it go away, you know,” I said in a calm voice. Thank God I still had the ability to speak; pretty soon I’d turn into an unrecognizable animal and it would only be her fault — not mine. “The heat.”

Her pink tongue stuck out and wet her lower lip. I nearly exploded right then and there — the most likely result of that being to kill us both in the process. I was too strong for her.

“Oh?” She finally squeaked out.

I could work with curious.

Forcing her wasn’t working. Seducing her… had only done the opposite and made her angry.

Damn, what I wouldn’t give for one of Mason’s cool berries now, the bastard.

I opened my mouth to apologize and only managed to choke out, “Touch me.”

Her eyebrows shot up. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

My body pulsed. “Oh, believe me, it’s the best idea I’ve had in a very long time.”

She reached her hand out, and my breath hitched as my body already sensed the pulsing heat from her palm.

Time froze as her fingers collided with my skin.

And the heat that had boiled beneath my body and hers, instantly disappeared and was replaced with a comfortable warmth and then, the ever present smell of rain as her body stepped into the comfort of mine, her breasts pressed against my chest, seeking me — only me.

With a muttered curse, I wrapped my arms around her body and slid my hands down her wide hips. She was passable — for a human.

Odd that she smelled so delicious, I sniffed her neck, causing her to stiffen, and then, because my self-control was barely hanging by a thread, I slid my tongue past my lips and licked below her ear.

Nothing could have prepared me for her taste.

Or the hunger that it stirred in me, until it was too late.

Until the lick turned into a hungry open-mouthed kiss, until I slid my hands into the waistband of her leggings and cupped her ass, molding her body against mine as the rich taste of honeyed mint filled me.

A moan emitted from her lips, I pulled back and silenced her with my mouth — and sealed our fate.


CASSIUS STOOD IN the corner of the kitchen, his eyes doing that creepy white thing that had the rest of the universe shitting itself, while the council looked on. Genesis shivered, Ethan pulled her close.

Stephanie sighed as Cassius’s feathers strained toward her and fluttered, damn flirt that man was. Not like he could help it — they were bound together by more than just their bodies — the spiritual realm was not something I would ever pretend to understand — nor did I care.

“Damn it, Cassius,” Ethan rubbed his face with both of his hands. “At least let us know how it’s going.”

I crunched down on the pinecone in my hand — the only noise in the entire room was my loud chewing.

Ethan’s jaw flexed.

I crunched harder and shrugged.

He could go to Hell, and he knew it. The last thing I was going to do was stop my nervous eating because it bothered him.

Guilt lingered at Alex’s predicament. It was my fault he was in there. But the thought of going through another mating had me ready to puke up the only thing I could manage to choke down.

It was a sad day when a werewolf couldn’t eat meat. Others viewed it as a choice, a way to honor her, not understanding the reality that I lived on a daily basis.

The simple truth?

I wanted to die.

Every breath.

Every second.

Every minute.

Every day.

Every year.

But Cassius would not allow it, and the only way to kill me was pretty damn difficult.

Cassius barked out a laugh.

Which was comparable to the world ending, since the man rarely laughed out loud for all to hear. Frowning, I leaned forward on my haunches, waiting for him to say something.

“He’s angry.” Cassius’s mouth pressed into a cheerful smile. “He wants to end me.”

I growled. “He always wants to end you.”

Cassius’s smile fell. “He won’t take her.”

“What do you mean he won’t take her?” I repeated. “He must.”

The room dropped a few degrees as Cassius stood and breathed out. “Impossible.”

I saw my own breath before my face as the man I called King — cursed in what I could only identify as shock, before he disappeared altogether leaving a single purple feather behind.

“Hate it when he does that.” I crossed my arms. “Complete wastefulness of his abilities, use a car man.”

“Was it just me or did he look… surprised?” Stephanie asked. Her hands were shaking. She was being strong, but she was nervous, tense. After all, she’d lived her entire existence believing Alex was her brother — she was protective to a fault and nervous about his ability to commit to one being for the rest of his life. Then again, weren’t we all a bit worried about a siren settling down? Especially a siren who was as powerful as Alex?

The man could seduce a houseplant if he so desired.

I crooked my head. “He blocked your thoughts?”

She colored. “I’ve been trying not to pry.”

I snorted.

And earned a glare from the Dark One.

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